Custom Trade Show Exhibits

completely unique, custom-built, fully fabricated.
Custom trade show displays are the ultimate expression of our craft at Nimlok Chicago. With every creative graphic concept, every texture and sensory element, and every method of fabrication at our disposal, this is where we really “spread our wings.” After fully understanding your brand and utilizing our proprietary Nimlok Needs Analysis, we work with you to develop a seamless strategy... then we let our inspiration and imagination take over. The result is a completely unique, totally distinctive, three-dimensional trade show exhibit that reflects both the full power of our creativity and your company’s distinct brand character and individuality. The fact is: everything about a Nimlok Chicago display truly is custom.


Our exhibit designers approach each and every custom display as an “original” and an opportunity to create nothing less than a dazzling environment that reflects your brand and your brand alone.

Custom Fabrication

Aluminum extrusions. Fabrics. Laminates. Steel and alloys. Glass. Media. Wood. Graphics. Whatever we need to express your marketing concept to the max is at our disposal. Best of all, when you combine these elements with our state-of-the art manufacturing and printing facilities, along with expert craftsmen, it’s a proven winning formula.

Technology Integration

Today more than ever, integrating unique lighting solutions as well as cutting edge audio and video technology is essential. Nimlok Chicago specialists do this on a daily basis and have the expertise to bring your display to life.

All Under One Roof

We don't outsource. Our 187,000 square foot manufacturing facility houses a full custom shop, complete with everything from fabric printing to custom welding. This guarantees consistent Nimlok quality and minimizes any fabrication errors.

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