HMTX Industries recently participated in the 2019 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo with a sustainability-focused exhibit crafted by Nimlok Chicago.  Greenbuild is an event dedicated to sustainability in the built environment, a mission close to Nimlok Chicago’s environmental commitment. This mission comes with specific show regulations requiring designs to consist of eco-friendly and/or sustainable materials, which has been mastered by the team here at Nimlok Chicago.

The booth features a 20’ X 30’ island custom rental design, which has also been rented for the same expo by our client Aspecta in 2017, a company under the HMTX umbrella.  In 2017, the exhibit won an Exhibitor Magazine award for Best Rental Exhibit due to an eco-conscious design with a bright and effective layout.  Both clients were able to minimize costs and have a sustainable design by using a rented structure to display custom product samples. The exhibit in both 2017 and 2019 not only met the show requirements but impressed the judges with eye-catching designs.

HMTX industries is a new client of Nimlok Chicago’s that we hope to continue to assist in future trade shows.  It has been our privilege to partner with Metroflor, also under the HMTX umbrella, for 8 years. Mertoflor’s previous exhibit was also repurposed for this booth, an effective way to stay under budget and meet Greenbuild’s mission.

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