How we work

Typically, trade show exhibit builders all work the same way. They get input from the client, they create a tradeshow strategy, they design the exhibit, and then of course, they build it. It’s that simple. Or is it? Oftentimes during that process, a lot gets lost in the translation. Frankly, that’s when mistakes — and overages — start to occur.

At Nimlok Chicago, we work to avoid that by insisting on a collaborative team concept. Our integrated teams incorporate all of the various expert skill sets that impact a project, from strategic planning and design to fabrication and logistics. This ensures clear, direct communication, keeps mistakes to a minimum, and helps things run a whole lot smoother.

Another important issue: Every client wants to think that their trade show exhibit is important to the people who are assigned to it. Well, that’s not always the case. There are quite a few companies out there that simply aren’t equipped to give you all of the attention you deserve. They simply have too many clients and unfortunately, their biggest projects take priority.

That will never happen at Nimlok Chicago. We want your trade show exhibit to attract a crowd, but we don’t want you to get lost in one. That’s why we believe in dedicated personal attention. Repeat: dedicated personal attention. It’s in our DNA and creates the right kind of environment for success.