LIGANOVA at Euroshop 2014 from LIGANOVA on Vimeo.

Motion attracts, motion startles, and perhaps most importantly, motion appeals. When it comes to impactful exhibit design, an element that moves in a meaningful way will attract positive attention to your booth. Here are some tips for creating appropriate and attention-grabbing custom trade show displays.

Here are some tips for creating appropriate and attention-grabbing custom trade show displays:

  1. Don’t add motion just for motion’s sake. It can be tempting to add a cool moving feature to your exhibit design, but it must tie in with your brand and your goal for the trade show. For example, Samsung wanted to show off the difference between flat-screens and their new, slightly curved design. They created a rotating display that showed both the picture quality and shape of their new screens. It attracted attention and showed off the key design difference in their product – a perfect custom trade show display.
  2. Use your product’s own characteristics. If your product has a built-in motion element already, then of course you should try to display that in your exhibit. Hanter Ingenjorsteknik AB nailed this concept by showing off exactly how their pneumatic tubes worked through a functional display. Canisters whirled through the tubes, showing off the product to perfection.
  3. Be appealing, but not obtrusive. You want to attract the eye, but not annoy your audience. Make sure your design isn’t all style, no substance. Don’t include jarring elements or huge, protruding pieces. That will just create a nuisance and could do more harm than good.

Exploring motion is exciting. It’s a time to apply all your creative energies and come up with something unique and attention-grabbing. A thoughtfully considered exhibit design can really get things moving for your brand.