Envista Forensics

  • Size: 20x20
  • Date: April 2018
  • Tags: trade show display, trade show exhibit, trade show exhibit rental, trade show rental display, trade show rental, off-the-shelf rental kit


Envista needed a new trade show exhibit that would communicate its two major brands and their product lines. It also needed to incorporate plenty of visuals and multimedia presentations into the structure to educate visitors who entered the booth.

Nimlok Chicago designed an impactful but budget-friendly space using one of its off-the-shelf trade show exhibit rental kits. The Hybrid Pro Kit 17 was a solution that checked off all of Envista’s boxes: an open, inviting space, space for monitors, and the ample storage space. Best of all, the 20x20 modular kit could be reconfigured to fit into a 10x10 space, offering Envista the versatility it needed from show to show.

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