Shaw Hospitality Group

  • Partner: N+A Advertising
  • Size: 20x40
  • Date: May 2017
  • Tags: HD Expo, custom trade show exhibit


Long-time client, Shaw Hospitality Group, sought an innovative custom trade show exhibit for the 2017 Hospitality Design Expo. The display needed to be attractive, inviting, and promote two of the brand’s newest design collections: “Off the Grid,” stimulated by the natural patterns of landscapes, and “Active,” inspired by the everyday active lifestyle.

To make a bold statement on the show floor, the exhibit design incorporated two hanging carpets suspended from the venue ceiling, each of them from their respective design collections. The hanging, tapestry-like displays served not only as a “wow factor,” but also provided a way for guests to feel the carpet and envision how it would look laid out across a floor.

Although drastically different, the two collections complemented each other well in one space. Each collection was separated on opposite sides of the space and had its own printed graphics, product displays, and carpet samples. The middle of the trade show exhibit housed a lounge area where guests could sit and interact with booth staff.

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