Shaw Hospitality Group

  • Client: Shaw Hospitality Group
  • Partner: N+A Advertising
  • Date: May 2015
  • Tags: custom trade show exhibit, trade show engagement, hanging sign, hanging structure, Hospitality Design Expo, social media event marketing


Drawing its inspiration from outdoor parks, Shaw Hospitality’s “The Park” design collection focused on renewal, openness, and an enhancing, serene ambience. Nimlok Chicago worked with Shaw’s marketing partner, N+A Advertising, to create an immersive space that captured the spirit of the line at its Hospitality Design Expo trade show exhibit.

For a unique and prominent design element, aluminum spans canopied the exhibit. Each span was finished with wood veneer to maintain consistent with the natural scenery of an outdoor setting. A bold hanging structure was suspended above the exhibit to make a statement visible from all angles on the show floor. Designers also added sleek, concrete seating that resembled benches commonly found in a park setting. They were topped with custom-made cushions to merge luxury with the natural feeling of an outdoor space.

To attract and engage visitors, guests were invited to share their favorite park activities on interactive wallpaper. Dimensional pockets housed branded markers that attendees could use to write on the wall. Paired with a corresponding social media contest, the interaction created a truly unique and memorable experience at the show.