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  • Social Distancing Solutions

    Customizable solutions to fit all business needs.

    We have standard and custom designed equipment for offices, schools, retail, warehousing and more. Let us help you stay socially safe.

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  • Virtual Exhibit Program

    Brand exposure on a virtual level.

    We can create a virtual booth to be a sales and marketing tool to enhance your messaging through a unique engagement experience.

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  • Custom Modular Exhibits


    We design and build trade show exhibits and environments that are powerful extensions of your brand and your brand alone.

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Exhibits We Do It All

Custom trade show exhibits are the ultimate expression of our craft at Nimlok Chicago. With every creative graphic concept, every texture and sensory element, and every method of fabrication at our disposal, this is where we really “spread our wings.”


Environments We’ve Seen it all

With our roots as a premier trade show exhibit builder, creating n•vironments™ was a natural evolution to serve these out-of-trade-show venues that require additional specialized resources, but still incorporate the unique, inspired, strategy-driven solutions.



They say you have one chance to make a first impression. Why not make it a spectacular one? As a premier trade show exhibit builder, it only makes sense that Nimlok Chicago has the creative firepower to stage an amazing event.

How we work

Our consultants, designers and craftspeople see themselves as partners in your success and that difference shows in the personal attention you get from us. You’ll never be left guessing. Everyone you interface with at our company will know your name and be extremely responsive.


Nimlok has a long-standing reputation for building quality exhibit and display systems. Our expert craftsmen benefit from production facilities that offer unmatched construction capabilities, including under-one-roof fabrication, construction and graphics production, 300,000 sq. ft. centrally-located facility, and online video preview capability.


At Nimlok Chicago, our commitment to environmentally-conscious practices is unwavering. It is at the forefront of our processes, materials and procedures. It’s also part of our culture.


If your company needs to exhibit at trade shows internationally, it only makes sense to align yourself with an exhibit manufacturer that simplifies that effort and avoids the chaos of multiple vendors.


From wood to fabrics, steel to alloys, plastics to glass, building custom and custom modular displays out of all types of materials is something that brings out our best at Nimlok Chicago.


At Nimlok Chicago, we unite wonderfully skilled craftspeople with cutting-edge print technologies and techniques to produce the industry’s highest-quality display graphics.


  • “If someone else has a vision out there for what they want their space to look like that’s outside of the box, Nimlok Chicago is your partner that’ll help get you to that end vision."

    Paul Reidy, TRUSOLV Products
  • “I couldn’t imagine not recommending Nimlok Chicago to anybody in the market looking for a trade show, no matter the size. You won’t find people that are more professional, more friendly, or are more willing to go above and beyond for you. I will always be a raving fan of the people in this office.”

    Cristina Ortenzi, Caliber Public Safety
  • “Nimlok looks at you as a person instead of a number. They look at you and try to define your needs and wants before they even talk about what the booth is going to look like.”

    Marc Corwin, Dong Ming Motors