Environment & Quality

It’s no secret: we’re in a traditionally wasteful industry. The heaps of fabric. The countless shipments. The mounds of cardboard. All of these leave behind a heavy carbon footprint. At Nimlok Chicago, we’re committed to breaking free of that mold. That’s why we’ve partnered with our manufacturing facility to bring a new, revolutionary, and eco-conscious approach to the trade show exhibit industry.

Recyclable Structures

Our trade show displays, both custom and rental, are designed for flexibility and reconfigurability, making them versatile enough to use from show to show—cutting the need for replacing your display with a brand new one year after year.

We Back It Up

Our primary partner became the first in our industry in North America to achieve ISO:14001-2005 Certification. That means our manufacturing facilities are held to the highest standard of both environmentally friendly processes and quality standards.

Eco-Friendly Partners

Our commitment doesn’t stop at our doors. We partner with sustainable vendors and service providers that share our pledge to the environment. You can rest assured that your money doesn’t go towards unsustainable practices.

Our Goals

In 2018, our manufacturing facility surpassed its yearly environmental goal and increased recycling to almost 90%. That’s over 460,000 lbs. of cardboard, cores, and paper, and 135,000 lbs. of plastic that didn’t end up in a landfill!