• Size: 20x20
  • Date: April 2018
  • Tags: trade show display, trade show exhibit, custom modular, experiential marketing


First-time client, Alight, was in search of a new event partner that would help plan and execute its experiential marketing tactics, while also providing a well-designed trade show exhibit. After rebranding its old image, the brand needed to attract attention from both young professionals and seasoned professionals who were already well-established in their careers. Alight also wanted its new display to be a modular 20x30 design that could shrink to 20x20 for various shows.

Nimlok Chicago designed a trade show display that met all of Alight’s needs: clear brand recognition, innovative experiences, and an environment that made visitors want to return. Oversized light boxes, video screens, and the sounds of a life-sized Simon game drew in attendees from all directions, while bright candy dispensers offered incentives to anyone with a sweet tooth. Alight’s booth was more experience and less dry presentation, fulfilling all their needs and creating memories for potential customers.