• Size: 40x40
  • Date: November 2017
  • Tags: trade show display, custom trade show exhibit, custom design, experiential marketing


Nimlok Chicago designed a unique, custom exhibit for with long-time client, Aryzta. The 40x40 space needed to be fully immersive, fun, and feature the client's hot and cold bakery and confectionary products at the Tim Horton's Owners Convention in Las Vegas.

The final exhibit design split the entire space into two halves: Break the Ice and Beat the Heat. Each side featured furniture, decor, and swag that corresponded with its theme, creating a truly unique display that drew in attendees from all sides of the exhibit.

In addition to a show-stopping trade show exhibit, Aryzta also needed a memorable strategy to engage guests and create "buzz" around its booth. Drawing inspiration from the gaming and gambling nature of Las Vegas, Nimlok Chicago came up with the idea to create a Fear Factor-style game, the Exotic Food Dice Roll, that would pique guests' curiosities and draw them into the exhibit.

Testing their luck, players rolled the dice and would have to sample an exotic food item that corresponded to the rolled number. Foods such as chocolate-covered ants and chili-spiced crickets were among the “delicacies” offered. As an incentive for guests to play, Aryzta pledged to donate $10 to the Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation for each dice roll made. By the end of the show, the overwhelming response and participation from attendees allowed Aryzta to fulfill its pledge by donating $10,000 to the foundation.

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