• Size: 20x20
  • Date: May 2019
  • Tags: trade show display, island trade show exhibit, island trade show display, trade show exhibit


Glico Pocky returned to Nimlok Chicago to update its presence at the upcoming Sweets & Snacks Expo. Building on elements from its previous inline trade show exhibit, the brand planned to increase its exhibit space and needed a new structure to fill it.

Because the Sweets & Snacks Expo is product-centric, Glico Pocky would need not only ample product display area, but also opportunities throughout the exhibit for distributing samples to showgoers. Due to the size of the show, the trade show display would also need interesting elements to set it apart from the countless other booths on the show floor.

Nimlok Chicago designed a trade show exhibit that incorporated a bold arch and an oversized hanging structure—ensuring the display would not be overlooked by passersby. The curved arch was suspended over the main reception counter and was held up by two poles adorned by branding that cleverly mimicked the brand’s chocolate-dipped Pocky sticks. It also integrated puck lighting, effectively brightening the space below. Glico Pocky’s boxed products were securely housed through shelving and display stands throughout the space, while the main counter distributed samples to guests. Although the island trade show exhibit was kept mostly open, the design included a semi-private meeting area off to the side where staff could meet with prospects.

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