Chicago Skyline

Chicago is known for its incredible variety of amazing restaurants and bars. Although the city is famous for its pizza, there’s so much more than that to indulge in (though you should). When you’re in town for a trade show, be sure to take a break from exhibiting to check out what the city has to offer.

Here are a few top suggestions:

  1. The Girl and the Goat: The relatively new restaurant offers bold, internationally inspired small plates. The lengthy menu ensures there’s something for everyone. The rotating selection of locally brewed craft beers allows diners to try an extra taste of Chicago.
  2. Eataly: This isn’t just a restaurant – it’s an Italian food complex engineered by chef Mario Batali. Customers can choose foods from 20 different regions, and also shop for goodies to bring home. In addition to the many different restaurants on site, there are retail stores, a cooking school, a bakery, and more. If you’re in a time crunch preparing for the trade show, you can even send one member of your team to snag some treats for everyone.
  3. Chicago pizza: This isn’t a restaurant, but more of a suggestion. Try some pizza when you’re here! Chicagoans will argue over which is best, but you’ll find something you like. More than just deep dish, the city serves up excellent cracker crust and hand-tossed varieties too. Go behind the scenes on the Chicago Pizza Tour ( and try out a variety of local spots.
    Chicago Pizza
  4. Three Dots and a Dash: This restaurant doesn’t just serve amazing drinks and food – it transports you to the tropics. You’ll step into a tiki bar in the heart of Chicago’s downtown, and feel warm no matter what time of year. The menu features classic tiki drinks and newer innovations. It would be a lovely way to wind up a busy day on the trade show floor.
  5. Signature Room: It’s a touch touristy, but there’s no denying that the Signature Room serves both a solid cocktail and an amazing view. The rotating lounge is on the 95th floor of one of Chicago’s tallest buildings, the John Hancock. Enjoy your drink as you spin slowly over the city.
    Signature Room View

This is just a small sampling of places to eat and drink in Chicago. Explore on your own and you’re bound to find hidden treasures. It does not all have to be about work and the trade show that you are attending.