winning over business with your LinkedIn profile

winning over business with your LinkedIn profile

Win over trade show leads with your LinkedIn

With over 380 million users, LinkedIn is the top social media networking tool among professionals. Furthermore, it’s a great platform for trade show exhibitors to connect with their leads, customers, and business partners. As an exhibitor, you are a representation of your business, so it’s essential that you optimize and polish your LinkedIn profile to reflect your brand. We have a few ways for you to enhance your profile in order to make a good impression on your business connections.

Write with strategy in mind

Any writing you do on your profile communicates a message, so it’s important to optimize the words in your headline and summary. Always use relevant, industry-related keywords to give your audience a thorough understanding of what you do. Use action words to enhance your summary and bring it to life—avoid overused buzzwords that will bore your audience.

Keep in mind that your reader will want to know the value that you bring to your company and clients, so don’t hesitate to be specific when fleshing out your knowledge, experience, and goals. Above all, make sure to proofread any writing that you do in your profile. Typos not only look unprofessional, but can also damage your credibility.

Publish posts

LinkedIn recently introduced a new feature to its platform that allows users to publish their own posts. With this feature, you have the freedom to showcase your expertise and highlight your knowledge about your industry. Regularly publishing industry insights can increase your profile’s exposure and is a great way to get noticed. It also establishes you as a thought leader in your field—further advancing your professional credibility and trustworthiness.

Ask for recommendations

Customers want to do business with reputable people. Reputation-based referrals can be the driving force behind winning new clients and partnerships. Because of this, LinkedIn offers a way for users to provide “testimonials” about others on their profiles. Encourage your colleagues and clients to leave you recommendations. It looks great to potential leads when you have past clients praising your work and highlighting your value on your profile.

Don’t forget the basics

While all of the above aspects are key to enhancing your LinkedIn presence, don’t underestimate the importance of basics like your profile photo and contact information. Your photo is the first thing your viewers will see and will allow them to put a face to your name. It’s also the first chance you get to visually communicate that you are likable, trustworthy, and professional. A recent, high-quality photo will reflect well on both your personal brand and your organization. Avoid using selfies or shots with intricate backgrounds—these can distract from your message.

You should include all relevant contact information that viewers can use to reach and connect with you. At the very minimum, include your professional email and your company website. You may also choose to list your work phone number. If you use platforms like Twitter to reflect your personal brand, LinkedIn also offers an option to include your social media handles—offering your connections yet another way to engage with you.

Connect with us!

Feel free to stay connected with Nimlok Chicago via LinkedIn. We regularly update our profile with company news, events, and trade show industry-related content.

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